A burner is a device that forms a mixture of fuel and oxygen and delivers that mixture to a place of combustion. A burner can be found in boiler rooms, in furnace installations, welding, removal of surfaces, melting and others. It is used both indoors and outdoors.

Burners are a set of components and assemblies that ensure the mixing of the components of the fuel-air mixture and its combustion under certain conditions, resulting in heat.

According to the type of fuel used, the burners produced at the Spartak plant are oil burners, fuel oil burners, gas burners and combined burners.

Liquid fuel burners are of two main types - oil and fuel oil, but are also produced in combination. There are several ways to disperse liquid fuel - mechanical, ejection and rotary. In mechanical burners, the fuel is dissipated at the expense of its kinetic energy; in ejection - through the ejection action of a strong jet of steam; in rotary mode - the fuel is dispersed under a blast.

With regard to the mixing of fuel with air (oxygen), gas burners have external, incomplete external and internal mixing.
Pressure is another important feature that classifies devices as low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure burners (above 300 kPa).

Depending on the type of construction, the burners are monoblock and separate.

Monoblock burners are those that are a separate facility, in which in a common housing are built-in fan rotor, fuel pump, control and regulation elements.

In the case of separate - the upper elements are separated into separate structural units.

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