We have modern equipment and a qualified team, which allows us to produce parts and products from sheet and profile metals, to meet the high requirements of our customers and to offer a wide range of services related to the processing of metal products such as laser cutting, punching, welding, metal and sheet processing, bending, rotor balance, powder and wet painting.

The main assets of the company are:
  • Production hall with an area of ​​14,000 sq.m and a height of 14 m, equipped with bridge cranes with a capacity of up to 20 tons, where are located:
  • Cutting workshop equipped with lasers, guillotines and cutting machines - CNC lasers, CNC punching center, guillotines, manual plasma cutting.
  • Procurement workshop equipped with CNC press brakes, CNC machines for bending profiles; hydraulic presses from 2 t. to 630 t.
  • Workshop equipped with mechanical processing machines including lathes, milling machines, radial drills, CNC lathes and CNC milling machines.
  • Workshop Assembly section where installation is performed - MIG, MAG and TIG welding equipment and packaging of finished products;
  • Fans workshop - additionally equipped with balancing machines
  • Painting room with facilities for wet and powder painting.
  • Two storage rooms for storage of materials and finished products
  • Seven-storey administrative building, which houses the offices of the management and administrative staff, as well as kitchens and bathrooms.
Full list of the possessed and integrated in the production process equipment:

Machine Type: Precision

(Min Tolerance)
1 pce Laser cutting machine TRUMPF 3200W,
max sheet 6000x2000mm

Aluminum up to 8 mm

Mild steel up to 20 mm

Stainless up to 12 mm
+/- 0.1 mm
1 pce Laser cutting machine TRUMPF 3000W,
max sheet 1500x3000mm

Aluminum up to 8 mm

Mild steel up to 20 mm

Stainless up to 12 mm
+/- 0.1 mm
1 pce Laser cutting machine TRUMPF 1800W,
max sheet 1500x3000mm

Aluminum up to 3 mm

Mild steel up to 12 mm

Stainless up to 4 mm
+/- 0.1 mm
2 pcs Guillotines (max 2.5m width, 14mm thickness) +/- 0.5mm
2 pcs band-saw (max 400 diam)

2 pcs band-saw with disc ( max 130 mm diam)
+/- 0.5 mm
1 pce Hand operated plasma cutting (max 35 mm thickness)  
1 pce CNC punching machine DURMA (programmable series, 3m length, 30t pressure) +/- 0.1 mm
1 pce Fanuc welding robots  
Hand semiautomatic welding equipment:
Lincoln Electric (10 pcs CO2), Kempi (3 pcs Ar), others (5 pcs) 120-500 A
1 pce CNC Press brake B-93-D (programmable series, 1.3m length, 25t pressure) +/- 0.1 mm
4 pcs CNC Hydraulic press brakes DURMA max. 3m, 130t pressure +/- 0.1 mm
1 pce Hydraulic press 630 t pressure -
Eccentric Punching presses (7 pcs, 63-250 t ) -
Bending steel sheet machines –4 pcs. (3 rolls).
Max. 2 m; 6mm thickness of material
Bending steel sheet –1 pce (4 rolls) machine.
Max 2.5 m, 10mm thickness of material
Mills (4 pcs, 320x1325mm) +/- 0.05 mm
Milling center CNC (2 pce, 3 axes, automatic changes of 16 instruments, 1600/500/300 мм)

1 piece CNC milling center, Harris (with 4 axes, surface 1600/500/300 mm)
1 piece CNC milling center, DMG (with 5 axes, surface 1600/500/300 mm)
+/- 0.02 mm
CNC lathes
(6 pcs, 250 mm diam, 400 mm length ) with  2 pcs bar feeder device

2 pieces CNC lathe (up to 400 mm diameter, 2000 mm length)
+/- 0.05 mm
Lathes (10 pce, 800 mm diam) +/- 0.1 mm
Lathe (1 pce, 2400 mm diam) +/- 0.1 mm
Grind flat (1 pce, 1000x300 mm) +/- 0.001 mm
Grind round (2 pce, 200 mm diam, 1200 mm lenght) +/- 0.001 mm
Abrasive belt deburring machine G-6

1 piece Cleaning belt sander
Abrasive deburring machine  
Wet painting conveyors (2 pcs, max 1500x 1500x 2500 mm)  
Powder coating 2pcs (max 1300x 3000x 2300 mm)  
Fork-lifts (3 pcs, max 3.5t)  
Cranes (21 pcs, 5-20t)  

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