The biggest industrial fan, produced in Bulgaria from SPARTAK JSC, is desired by Russians

The biggest industrial fan, produced in Bulgaria from SPARTAK JSC, is desired by Russians Bourgas company Spartak JSC, which is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans in Bulgaria, has totally solidified its positions as the largest and most reliable supplier not only in our country but also abroad.

The biggest size ventilator, produced in the last years in Bulgaria, is ordered and ready for export. A large Russian company has made an inquiry in our country for the most efficient and quality production of a series of industrial fans, which will be used in Russia for very important and serious workloads in their local industry. As we know,Russiahas anumber of majormanufacturers ofthis type ofequipment, but they trusted exactly on Bourgas company that is with nearly hundred years traditions and proven quality.

The choice of Spartak JSC that Russian customers made, is determined by the huge technical and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a variety of fans, which can be produced according to customer’s drawings and orders by Bulgarian company. From the factory said that it is only a small part from the wide range of products that they propose. Spartak JSC is also known as a manufacturer of different metal constructions, gun safe boxes, pallets for automotive industry, etc. Laser cutting services and constructing of various products on customer’s request and drawings are also a part of the main activities of the leading Bulgarian company, which was presented at the International Technical Fair in Hannover (Germany) a month ago.
In today’s business conditions, factory Spartak JSC is establishing itself as a Bulgarian leader on the fan market not only in the country but also like the face of Bulgarian industry in Russia and Europe.

Pictures of the biggest ventilator produced this year in Bulgaria which is becoming a part of Russian industry, together with other products of Spartak JSC, could be checked on the web site of the company www.spartak.bg or on telephone number +359 56 88 00 80.
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