Spartak AD with environmentally friendly source of energy

Spartak AD with environmentally friendly source of energy Since May 2020 a photovoltaic power installation for production of electricity from an ecological source was built in our company.

Energy is used for heating, for lighting, for almost all production processes. At the same time, energy production is a source of many harmful emissions. The European Union has a policy and a number of procedures to reduce harmful emissions and move to green energy.

About 3/4 of the EU harmful emissions come from human activities related to energy production. Heating and transport are also serious issues of atmosphere pollution. In order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, humanity needs to reduce emissions, from energy production and consumption, to a minimum.

Recent years have shown that the energy market in our country is vulnerable to external pressures: imports of energy sources - natural gas and petroleum products.

The solution, to achieve stability and independence, is to use more and more renewable energy resources.

Wind is a renewable energy source that has been used in industry for years. Solar systems are an option that can be used in both households and industry. A very important point is that each industrial kit can build its own solar installation.

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