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Duct fans

VK Duct fans are designed for installation in the air supply network. They are used as main elements of general exchange and local ventilation installations in rooms of classes P-I; P-II; P-IIA and P-III, under PSTN-94.

The duct fans manufactured by Spartak JSC transport clean (without mechanical impurities) explosion-proof mixtures and gases with a temperature up to 323.16 ° K (+ 50 ° С).

The product provides a flow rate of up to 3,800 m3 / h and a pressure of up to 800 Pa.

Duct fans are available in 2 sizes: VK 2.5 / 40/20 and VK 3.15 / 60/30

Spartak JSC has conditions for the production of a standard and custom duct fan for installation in ventilation systems with different connection sizes. The type of fan is determined by the size of system.

How to decide which duct fan design or which standard duct fans to order.?
- We present a classification of buildings in order to make sure you choose the most suitable type of fan for your needs.

Class F5 includes production, storage and agricultural buildings, petrol and gas stations, industrial premises and facilities with permanent operation. According to the fire-hazardous and explosive properties of the used, produced or stored substances, materials and products, as well as their quantities, as well as the technological processes, class F5 is subdivided into PO categories from F5А to F5D. According to this classification, the ventilation systems are designed, in which duct fans manufactured by Spartak JSC are installed. Which duct fan to install in a particular place depends on many factors. Many factors affect the choice of a particular duct fan. There are variety of duct fans depending on the type of building it should fit.

The premises of the second category "Increased fire danger" include buildings in which combustible materials are used, produced or stored. They have special requirements for the ventilation system, as well as for the duct fan built into the respective place. Places from this group are divided into four classes according to fire danger:

P-I - places in construction buildings from cat. F5B and F5D, in which combustible liquids with a flash point above 55 to 120 ° C are used or stored;

P-II - cat. F5V, in which combustible powders or fibers are released, passing into a suspended state. The physical properties of the powders and fibers (low fragmentation, high humidity and DKGV above 65 g / m3) or when the content of dust and fibers in the air does not reach the required total explosive concentration are relevant to the fire hazard (but not to explosion). ;

P-IIa - cat. F5V. Flammable liquids with a flash point higher than 120 ° C, or solid flammable substances and fibrous products for which the characteristic features of the zones in the premises of class P-II are missing, are used, stored or stored;

P-III - places in constructions of fire hazard category F5V, located in the open, in which flammable liquids with a flash point higher than 55 ° С or solid flammable materials are used or stored.

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