Metal pallets for the automotive industry

During the last 10 years, Spartak JSC has been developing and establishing itself on the market as a manufacturer and supplier of metal pallets and industrial equipment for large international companies in the field of automotive industry.
Manufactured according to the customer's drawing or sample, these metal products such as pallets, complex metal parts for equipment, metal trolleys and containers, serve numerous sectors of the automotive industry. The products meet the requirements of international standards. We guarantee the reliable loading, precision work, safety and long life of all our products.
In the manufacture of metal pallets are used tubular and sheet materials, and through our modern technological capabilities and a qualified team we have implemented various projects for metal pallets with specific and universal purpose for some of largest German and French companies in the automotive industry.

The metal pallets produced by Spartak JCS are of various sizes and construction, equipped with synthetic, plastic, textile or wooden elements, which provide additional stability and preserve the operational and aesthetic qualities of the stored part. Spartak JSC has equipment for powder and wet painting, and through these modern painting technologies, we guarantee the endurance of the metal pallets against corrosion, long life and good appearance of the product.

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