High pressure fans

High-pressure centrifugal fans are designed to be installed on general-purpose industrial ventilation systems and processing equipment for manufacturing processes. They transport mixtures and gases free from mechanical impurities having a maximum temperature of 323.16°K (50°C). They can operate in rooms classified as P-I, P-II, P-IIa, P-III according to PSTN-94.

High-pressure fans provide a volume flow rate of 300 up to 20,000 m3/h and a pressure of 2000 up to 9000 Pa.
They have been developed in two designs:
- Fans with V-belt drive, sizes 4.5 and 8
- Fans with impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft, sizes 5.4, 6, 6.2х7.5, 6.2х10, 6.2х13, 6.2х18, 6.3, 6.3х30, 7.5.

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