Centrifugal fans for flue gases

Centrifugal VGD fume extraction fans are designed to transport dry flue gases with a maximum temperature of 553.16 ° K (280 ° C).

Centrifugal fume extraction fans provide flow rates from 1,800 to 80,000 m3 / h and pressures from 300 to 4,000 Pa.

Centrifugal fume extraction fans are available in sizes: 4; 6,3; 8; 11. Dimensions VDG6,3; VDG 8; The VDG 11 can be equipped with a guide unit. By turning the blades of the guide unit at a certain angle, the parameters of the fan are adjusted.

Fume extraction fans are equipped with an electric motor and starter equipment with IP54 protection rate.


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