Dust centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans for wood chips, sand, metal and abrasive powder, cement, grain and other non-stick materials.

Centrifugal dust fans type VCP are used for transportation of wood chips and dust from woodworking machines, sand from sand blasting machines, metal and abrasive dust from metalworking machines and transportation of cement, grain and other non-stick materials.

Centrifugal dust fans transport air mixtures with mechanical non-stick impurities with a concentration of up to 50 g / m3 and a maximum temperature of 323,16 ° K (50 ° C). Can be operated on premises class P-I; P-II, P-IIa and P-III, according to PCTN-94

Centrifugal dust fans provide flow rates from 1,500 to 30,000 m3 / h and pressure up to 3,500 Pa. They are supplied with V-belt, sizes VCP 5 and VCP 8. Supplied with motors and starters with protection degree IP54, belts pulleys, belts and tensioner for the motor.

DP-10B centrifugal dust collectors are designed to clean flue gases from dust with a particle size of up to 20 µm at environment of up to 150 g / m3 dust and with a temperature not exceeding 523 ° K (250 ° C).

They are used for the purification of flue gases from small boiler rooms and from drying drums on asphalt sites as a first stage of cleaning.


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