The team of SPARTAK JSC consists of highly qualified specialists.
The organizational structure of the company includes 3 divisions:
- Development
- Production
- Finance
The Development division includes - Sales, Supplies, Technical Control and Welding Supervision. The activities undertaken in this division are as follows:
- organizing the process of attracting new customers, pricing and offering;
- organization of contacts with foreign and local clients of the company in order to expand the market realization and implementation of the business plan;
- organizing contacts with suppliers in order to financially secure the production program and maintain active inventories;
- organizing customer feedback on the test samples produced;
- market research on the company's products;
- making up-to-date price offers for the company's products and regularly introducing them to the customers.

The Production division includes:
Production department with all production departments: Cutting, Preparing, Mechanical, Initial assembly, Final assembly, Fans. The personnel involved in the production workshops have received the necessary training and hold certificates for qualification degrees in locksmithing and welding.
Engineering Department - engineers, experts working in the following fields:
- Create and monitor the implemented technologies;
- Improve technological tools and methods;
- Organize and participate in the implementation of technological solutions;
- Observe, systematize and analyze technological problems;
- Propose changes to the technical documentation;
- Organize intermediate quality control of parts;
- Process all documents related to the introduction of products in the process of production;
- Review the technical documentation and verify the manufacturability of the structure.

The Finance Department includes:
- Financial accounting department
- Service Division
-Human Resources
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