European projects

The company SPARTAK JSC applied and won financing from the funds of the Operational programme “Competitiveness” under the financial grant scheme “Technological modernization in small and middle sized companies” BG161PO003-2.1.04, for the realisation of the project „Installation for powder painting in SPARTAK JAC” at the amount of 334 800BGN.
In 2008 started the realisation of the project „English language training for the specialists of the company SPARTAK JSC”, financed by the Operational programme „Development of the human resources”, financial grant scheme „Qualification services and trainings for the employed persons”. The execution of this project started in July 2008, and the training course – in August 2008. The partnering institution – the English teaching school “Big Ben” EOOD prepared and realized the training programme and chose the books and the other training materials which were used during the training course in English. The used training materials were issued by the Oxford University Publishing Company. The course included a special business orientated module, prepared especially for the engineering staff of the company. The training course was planned with taking into consideration the level of knowledge in English of all the specialist of the company, participating in the programme realisation, which aimed to provide to the trained ones the most useful and usable in their work knowledge. Each one participant in the training course had to attend 284learning hours. The project was completed in 15 months. The total value of the project was 29 000 BGN, from which 22 000BGN were granted by the European Social Fund and the budget of Bulgaria.
In the year 2008 we completed the project „Consulting services for getting СЕ-mark; investing in new production machines and equipment at SPARTAK JSC”, financial grant scheme for increasing of the competitiveness of the companies, BG 2005/017-353.10.04/ESC/G/GSC-2. As a result of the execution of the project activities, as agreed under the Contract for providing of consultancy services, we defined the Directives which we needed to comply our products to, as required in the Law on the technical requirements to the products. Three specialists were trained how to prepare the technical dossiers of the products and to apply for their CE-certification. Different tests were executed for defining the levels of the produced by the certified ventilators noise; for proving the conformity of the grounding chains and the control chains; as well as checks for correctness of the marking and labeling. Five certificates for different products produced by the company, with validity for 3 years were issued, and a CNC-Hydraulic abcant press was delivered, installed and tested as a result of the planned project activities. The total value of the project was 54 850Euro, with co-financing from the EU - 52% from the whole amount.

In the year 2007 the company was the partnering party in the project „Upgrading of the CPO at the AIKB – establishing of a contemporary Welding technology center for practical training of human resources for the Bulgarian machine-building industry”. This project was financed under the Contract for grant №BG2004/006-070.01.01-08 , the PHARE program “Development of the network of training centers for adults” (BG 2004/006-070.01.01). In execution of this project 2 training halls were equipped, and in addition 4 welding robots were delivered and set in operation to complete the number of training means. 27 unemployed and 40 employed in the company SPARTAK JSC were trained in the Center during the project. All the trained people got their certificates for acquired I-st qualification grade in MIG/MAG method of welding. Within the scope of activities of the project a sociological survey was completed as well which studied and analyzed the motivation of the people for work in the enterprises of the machine-building industry.

In 2004 the company SPARTAK JSC won financing under the financial grant scheme of the PHARE “Consultancy services for small and middle sized enterprises, and technological renovation granting scheme” BG0102.01.01.002, budget line BG 2004/016-785.01.02-04SER01. The amount of the received grant was 49750 Euro and this was 50% of the total value of the realized project. The project activities included the purchase of a press for stamping/punching and implementation of a new technology which diversified the production of the company. As a result from the project activities the company started the production of one new product, and increased the production efficiency and quantity of the output.

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